Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hi, I'm Dave

Hi, I'm Dave. I grew in Maine, went to high school outside Boston in 1975, moved back to Maine in 1977 for college, and on to the golden shores in December 1980.  I realized recently that I never saw the Dead outside California since the Lewiston show on 9-6-1980.

I was an avid follower of the Dead from 1975 to about 1985, but slipped away from the scene as the shows declined along with Jerry's health and substance abuse (which I learned about after his death).

I rejoined the flock in late 1994, and got to see one LA show prior to Jerry's death. Due to a workmate and good friend Evan, and the advent of the Betty Boards, I started listening more carefully and see the whole picture of the Dead, I became a bigger fan and active critic of the music.

As technology got more interesting, I became more interested in accessing and enjoying the experience.  As I have had to commute 50 miles a day total in LA freeway traffic, I have gotten the opportunity to listen carefully the last few years

This diary will point to interesting moments in my shows that I attended in somewhat random order.
I will start this week with a moment from December 26, 1980.
Hope you enjoy.

January 22, 2015

The fifth song I ever heard the Dead play from about 25 rows back in the Boston Music Hall with my friend Jimmy.