Monday, May 22, 2017

Bill Graham Presents: A Benefit for Nuclear Disarmament on May 22, 1981

This was 36 years ago today.  Hi 1981.
I just checked so this was my first concert at the Warfield (The Dead and the Jam in 1982 were next). This was actually the first time I saw the Grateful Dead perform in San Francisco proper, although the billing says:

Jerry Garcia
Bob Weir
Mickey Hart
& Friends

I paid a cool $8.50 and got to see the Dead play a second Buddy Holly tune "Oh Boy", which it a very easy song to play on the guitar that i could still pick out today. I was hoping for The Other One after the unexpected drums out of Ripple but Oh Boy was just fine by me.

My Original Bent Copy

Other Political Poster from 1981 from a telephone Pool in Berkeley recruting Deadheads

Deep Elem Blues
The Race Is On
Friend Of The Devil
To Lay Me Down
Monkey And The Engineer
Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie
On The Road Again
Bird Song > Ripple > Drums > Oh Boy

Correy wrote the definitive piece on this  but I figured it was fair game to write about it since it was my first Dead benefit show ever. Plus I add the tunes.

Look how similar to my December 31, 1980 acoustic set at the Oakland New Year's show I saw:

Dire Wolf   (not played 5-22-81)
On The Road Again
To Lay Me Down
Monkey And The Engineer
Jack-A-Roe  (not played 5-22-81)
I've Been All Around This World (not played 5-22-81)
The Race Is On
Bird Song > Ripple 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

35 Years Ago on May 21, 22, 23 1982: Weekend at the Greek

Happy 25 35th anniversity to the three marvelous shows at Berkeley's Greek on May 21-22-23 in 1982.  These were my second set of three Greek shows following the return in 1981 and there are three very nice Charlie Miller soundboards (Charlie FLACs   MP3s).  This follows my 2015 global Greek piece on the Mecca

Greeks always started 7PM Friday, 5PM Saturday and 3PM Sunday so you would always get a different mood settting over the Golden Gate, depending on your location and the night of the weekend. At the Greek, you would typically get about 60 different songs and amazing playing of what the Dead were doing at the time.   While Deadbase barely lists any of these shows in the top-20 of the year, I say BS, the Greek is where you wanted to see shows in the early and mid-1980s, no hands down.  The feeling, the atmosphere, the view, the fans, the walk from my house, the Sunday afternoon 3pm Shakedown, it had it all.

Make sure to check out the Playin>Uncle John's>Remarkable Jam on Friday. But, just explore it all. I will always love the Greek the most

My super 8 footage was accepted into the new Grateful Dead documentary, but I couldn't find the original super 8. Drat! But you can see Cormac and Rick Sullivan here and maybe yourself

Jim McDonnell jim

to Annieme
Hi David,
I hope that this finds you well and I apologize for the long silence regarding the forthcoming Grateful Dead documentary project.  We are finally in the home stretch and we will hopefully be using a small portion of your footage in this project.   We would be very interested in obtaining your original Super 8 film elements for a new HD scan transfer for our usage.   Per our original conversations, we will be licensing at the rate of $25/second for footage and additionally we will supply you with a new HD transfer of your footage on a drive when we return your film(s) to you.   I've looped in Annie Salsich from the production who can give you all the shipping information in regards to sending your film elements.   I look forward to hearing back from you soon.
Best wishes,
I'm sad I lose my originals

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Six Takes From The Last Boston Run September, 1991

Here's a little ditty from the boys courtesy of the Stucco Dat Project of perhaps the best run of shows in the past decade of the band (ok, maybe MSG, right before this is equally stellar). After 1991, the band was never as great again.  So per my reddit friend, this should read Last Great Boston Run.

I stopped going to see the Dead in 1987 right before I moved from Berkeley to West LA. True.
I only saw 2 shows in 1987 reaching the 79 show mark (80 was a one-off in 1994 in LA along with Kirko who you see above with me from Frost 5-2-87 and Bradford). And my last show in Boston proper was November 14, 1978 at the Music Hall.  itunes files or flacs, just choose  By the way, I fixed the Boston Globe articles at the bottom.

And it wasn't until after Jerry's death in 1995, and my reconnecting with the advent of amazing board tapes that I discovered the last golden era from about Warlocks in 1989 through 1991. But nothing from this era quite gets me like the shows from September 1991. Now a few years back, my buddy Arnie told me that he and Liza get invited to the Boston Garden in September 1991 by our college buddy Katie to get backstage passes to the Dead. WTF. How did I stray so far, and what's this about.

 Turns out that Cameron Sears was pals with Katie from high school in Maine and he was the source of this gratitude.  Someday I will tell you all about my lunch with Cameron and Peter McQuaid near the old Stone location on Broadway around 2004, but that's for another day. Back to Arnie's story. Arnie said the Dead played Dark Star and then wound uo into I Need A Miracle which disappointed him (I guess expecting Dark Star>St Stephen>The Eleven etc). So I went back and found Arnie's show which turned out to be that amazing show where Bruce Hornsby played this incredible classical piece out of space after Dark Star that just rocked my world. I even put this in like my third blog post two years and 200 blog posts ago . So for your listening pleasure are six segments from this run

9/20/91 Help On The Way [4:04] > Slipknot! [6:04] > Fire On The Mountain [12:20]
9/21/91 Uncle John's Band > Saint Of Circumstance > Eyes Of The World
9/22/91  He's Gone > Nobody's Fault But Mine > Spoonful >
9/24/91  after Dark Star Space > Foolish Heart > I Need A Miracle > Standing On The Moon 
9/25/91  That Would Be Something > Playing> China Doll > Throwing Stones > Not Fade Away
9/26/91   Dark Star [16:04] > Saint Of Circumstance > Eyes Of The World > Drums > Space > The Other One > Dark Star [6:40] ; Attics Of My Life > Good Lovin'
Encore Brokedown Palace > And We Bid You Good Night

Night 5 and 6 :
Night 5 is whatever songs the copyright folks allow me to stream