Thursday, November 12, 2015

Does This Count As "Attending"? Sitting With Kevin On The Hill Behind The Greek 1985-06-14 for Dew, Comes A Time and China Doll

So on the 20th Anniversary Show with the Grateful Dead, the unthinkable happened. I couldn't get it. This had never happened to me. I could always score a scalped ticket. Even in New York City on April 30, 1977, I could find a $6 seat for $18 (and then be forced to hitchhike back to Andover because I didn't have bus fare back).

Wave That Flag, boys, Happy 20th
All shows were doable, until this night. So Kevin and I did the proper thing and climbed the hill behind the Greek and sat in the fields along with a dozen or so other so-inclined souls.

The first set started with fanfare and got a bit weird with the break in the middle. And it was fun when Phil Lesh and Brent returned and started seeing "Keep on Growing". But what was so memorable about this show was Set Two, the only time I ever saw Morning Dew, Comes A Time, and China Doll in the same show, never mind the same set.

In listening to the soundboard years later, Jerry did sound a little strained, but it was still a monumental performance.  And the answer to the answer man above, is Yes. This counts as going to a show, I was much closer here than at Englishtown and Giant Stadium. It counts because I heard it live. And because I want it to count. I'll leave you to hear the beginning of the second set now.

The second set is